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I have shifted between academia, medicine, venture capital and software engineering since graduating from Pomona College with chemistry and mathematics degrees. I spent a year working in each field before taking leave from WashU’s MD/PhD program.

I build web services, organize data warehouses, and design machine learning systems, but my favorite work involves building collaborative bridges between data science researchers and systems engineers.

AI hype is leaving a glut of unsexy commoditized models in its wake. Most open source tools are similarly geared towards building and training more complicated models, despite most companies failing to organize, deploy and monitor any models in production. I think MLOps tools that work orthogonal to the iterative training smash-and-grab cycle can help more industries, data scientists and engineers mazimize their data ROI.

I am also interested in finding ways to modernize academic and healthcare institutions in ways that incentivize and promote more useful science, although I am less optimistic about those things being addressable without government policy.

I like petting my dogs and reading George Eliot in my free time.